Suzin Daly taking a quick break between lessonsINSTRUCTION

Suzin Daly's home base is Halifax Farm.  Many riders trailer in for instruction and she also travels to local farms working with riders.

Boarding barns over 20 miles can organize mini clinic with Suzin of 4 or more riders.

Suzin works with riders of all levels and ages. In today's life style of immediate gratification working with horses takes systematic training and that takes time. There are no quick fixes. Many riders train with Suzin for competition and there are those riders that train for the passion of learning.

If you have a passion to learn and willing to work hard, Suzin Daly is the trainer for you.


Horses in Training
For information on training or boarding visit boarding web page

Training of horses cannot be rushed. Systematic training leads to consistency. Horses of all ages and levels need to understand what is expected of them.  By limiting the number of horses in training allows the time to meet the need of each horse.

Sundance Half Pass  L.A. Baltic Sundance is well tempered and very trainable stallion. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to be able to slowly bring him up the levels. Having completed successfully at Prix St George and Intermediaire. L.A. Baltic Sundance will be competing Grand Prix 2006. Visit the offspring directory and offspring competition page.


Riley with trainer Suzin Daly January, 2006 six months under saddle.Baltic Sunfire(AKA Riley) by L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Winsome Firefly, bred Ellen Ziemer, DVM owned by Patrick and Tanya Horning, Wilmington, NC

Riley arrived at Halifax Farm for training July, 2005. Riley at 3 1/2 years had no training. Starting from ground training to under saddle Riley excelled easily due to his kind temperament and trainability. With only seven weeks of training he was presented for his 3 year old performance test at the 2005 Swedish Inspection. Patrick and Tanya where thrilled when Riley earned Diploma status with a score of 9. Riley had won his 3 year old division colt/gelding class two weeks earlier at the Raleigh Breed Show.
(photo by Tanya Horning: Suzin Daly riding Riley during a daily training session, Feb. 2006)


Oxyd Vom Rappenhof, Trakehner Stallion, owned by Anne Rehlaender, New Milford, CT.  Started, trained and competed by Suzin Daly.  Competitions year 1998-1999.  Earned USDF Horse Performance Award at Training Level (68%-72%), ABIC Training Level Championships- 6th place, BLM Championships.- 3rd place, NCDCTA Year End Award Championship 1st place, Trakehner All-Breeds Award 8th. Oxyd is now back up in Connecticut standing at Rehlaender Farm.



Lara Katz riding PookahDRESSAGE Instruction

Suzin Daly's goal is to produce elegant and effective riders on supple and responsive horses. Students work to develop a sense of feel to develop the ability to communicate to their horse. Training of riders is like the training of horses in that it takes time and patience. Training of riders cannot be rushed and each person grows and developes their skill in their own time.
"Practice makes perfect, only if you practice perfect". Alois Podhajsky



Lara Katz and Otsuka (aka: Pooka), Third Level. Lara won many NCDCTA and USDF Awards.


Dressage, instruction, Suzin Daly, Halifax Farm Amelia Harkness also competed at MacNair's Country Acres August 12th. This was Amelia's second dressage show with her new horse Aria, dark bay Oldenburg Mare.Amelia is learning the ropes of showing and received 57% and 58%, not bad for the second time out.  At the time of putting this up on the web I do not know if she placed
Baltic Collection, dressage, instruction, Suzin Daly, Halifax Farm

Anne and Ferrari competed at MacNair's Country Acers August 12th Training Level 3 and 4. They received 61% and 68% earning 3rd and 1st place.

Heather King, dressage, instruction, Halifax Farm, Suzin Daly Heather King, trainer of her own riding school Castle Farms has been studying dressage with Suzin Daly.  Heather competes in Horse Trials and competed also at MacNair's in the Training Level Combined Test Division. Heather reports, "I finished in 2nd place on my dressage score of 35.5  it felt like a really good ride, both dressage and jumping.  Heather King is also a Baltic member having bred two mares to Sundance CF Baltic Royal Flush and a young bay 2007 colt nicknamed Butch.
  Krista Rose of Greenville, Eventing rider also training with Suzin to develop her dressage competed at MacNair's Country Acres in the Novice Combined test won her division.

Chris Mills and Baltic Shadow Dance by L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Crows Roost, bred by Ellen Ziemer, DVM, coming 6 years 2006.


Chris Mills and Baltic Shadow Dance (by L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Crow's Roost)

Photo slide Chris Mills and Baltic Shadow Dance link

Chris Mills has been studying with Suzin Daly for 15 years. First with Silke, who is now 21 years old and a marvelous schoolmaster. Silke has been semi retired to give room for Chris Swedish Warmblood, mare Baltic Shadow Dance. Chris started and is training Shadow under the guidance of Suzin Daly. Read Chris's story, Training Baltic Shadow Dance.


Allyson McNeill with her schoolmaster of 21 years Tina, Hanoverian.


Allyson McNeill started training with Suzin Daly spring of 2005. In less than a year Allyson learned so much about what it takes to study and work toward goals. Allyson like many professional people has limited time to ride. When Allyson rides she is there 100% What more can a instructor ask for? There are emotional highs and lows and Allyson is determined to pursue her dream here's her story 'Horses, dreams, thoughts and goals'.






Sid Corn and Bella 17.1+ thoroughbred mare with great heart

Sidney Corn and Bella

Sid is very ambitious in developing her riding skills and welcomed a different approach to training Bella. Suzin felt it would be best to step back and develop stronger basics in Bella who tended to get strong after a jump and run after her changes. Sid found herself back to cavelletti's and cross bars. There where lots of none jumping days with suppling work, schooling figures and transitions.

Sid will be returning home for the month of December with Bella for winter school break. The last week before leaving Sid asked Suzin to ride Bella. Sid wanted to have the chance to see Bella go. After about half hour Suzin suggested that Sid jump up and see how Bella feels. Sid could definitely feel the difference and made the request for Suzin to ride and then her job would be to feel the difference and maintain it.  Sid understands the important's of the development of the horse and realized first hand with slow systematic training you can improve on horses balance and help them understand what is expected of them. The month of December will give Sid the chance to build her confidence to maintain and continue to develop Bella's knowledge. Suzin looks forward to having Sid and Bella back in January.

Sid lives with her family in Wilmington North Carolina. They have a 50 acre farm where they board horses. Mr. and Mrs. Corn are Baltic Collection members. They have helped toward world domination by breeding two wonderful mares to Sundance producing Lady Baltic (AKA Lilly) and Perona who has Gold Medal Olympic lines through the dam's side by Peron.

Veronica Harter and EmilyLesson rates                                                             

Dressage - 45 minute private       $60.00

Veronica Harter and Emily, 2005

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