L. A. Baltic Sundance

Sundance competed for the first time Grand Prix in 2006.   He continues his training 2007 to prefect the quality of his Grand Prix training.   You can learn more about his competition record visiting ~ Sundance's web page.

Sundance is pre-potent and produces offspring who are correct in conformation, known for their temperament and talent.   To learn more about Sundance offspring visit testimonials and offspring competition web page.  Visit the offspring directory to see pictures of his get in North America.  


Flying changes training session
December 2006

It takes years of schooling sessions to help the horse understand and develop his gymnastic skills for the higher levels.  In these short glimpses into the training sessions you won't see perfection but hard work.  Mistakes are made at all levels.   With slow persistant work the horse starts to understand what is expected of him.  


Medium trot  |   Half pass

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