Suzin Daly and L.A. Baltic Sundance Testimonials
from members of the Baltic Collection

For years I have received wonderful emails from new owners and old of Sundance offspring. I don't know what took me so long to add these wonderful email letters to the web site. Here are a few that had been saved I hope to add more as I receive them. ~ Suzin and Sundance, 2004




N.C. Baltic de Lux
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Osine by Lux Z

Keepsake video of Lux. Jeanne is ecstatic with Lux. He is an expressive colt showing big movement. He will be a fun colt who will excel for Jeanne. 4/2008

A Information for keepsake or sale video

Justine Smith June, 2009 filly out of Extra Lucky
Full siblings Baltic Aurin, Oden, Baltic Summer Breeze, Black Colt
She looks like a winner to me.........
Baltic Boys

Justine Smith two yearling colts
Unnamed at this time, both are for sale

Colt to the left is full sibling to Baltic Aurin, hunter champion, Oden earning dressage championship at training level and first level and Baltic Summer Breeze who earned filly yearling championship at the Raleigh Breed Show. Contact Justine 919.631.9245

A Baltic future event horse
Torrance Watkins, known for her famous partnership with the pinto mare Platoon highly recommend to Kathy, breed her mare to Sundance.

We will be looking to the future to the wonderful success they will have with Baltic Aurora

She is doing great,  very friendly.  Her show name is Baltic's Aurora   with a barn name of Rory. ~ Kathy, 2009

Baltic CollectionBaltic Collection

Hi Suzin, 
Attached are some photos of Stellan taken this morning.  He is weaned now and doing just great.  He is so calm and friendly, like a big puppy dog.  He really loves attention.  We had a  picnic here in May for the Alzheimer's group with 120 people, and Stellan thought they were all here to see him!  He made sure everyone had a chance to pet him and he just soaked up all the attention and was never scared of anything.

We do plan to show him at the Labor of Love show in September, so we can see what kind of scores he will get.
We sure are happy with how he is turning out.
Hope all is well with you!
Take Care,
Claudia ~2009


baltic cassidyBaltic cassidy

I just thought I would send you a few pics of Cassidy jumping XC.
Heather King
Castle Farm Instructor/Trainer
(919) 217-4839 (919) 274-0737


She is doing great,  very friendly.  Her show name is Baltic's Aurora   with a barn name of Rory.

Kathy, 2009

Stellen, Baltic offspring


Doing great, not afraid of anything and he is very friendly.

Claudia Coombs, 2009


I just wanted to share a few pictures from my first ride on Baltic Hope or 'Opie' as we call him!  He's proving to be incredibly easy to start and I'm having so much fun working with him.  We only walked a few steps and practiced mounting and dismounting but he did wonderfully.  Hope you're doing well and that you had a good winter. 
Take care,

Hi Suzin,

I hope you and Owen are doing well. It's been too long since we've seen you.
Thank you for keeping us up to date on your Sundance offspring....we love hearing everyone's news.

The news from Wood Wynd Farms:

Lilly, Perona and DeLux are happy growing babies. We call them our "babes on the beach".....lucky horses living near the ocean.

Lady Baltic (Lilly) is huge, for a 2 year old, and the sweetest mare ever.
She's the first one to run up to you with her twinkling, trusting eyes. She loves to be loved....usually pushing her sister, Perona, away to politely demand the affection. She's very fancy and Sidney is counting the days until she can back her.

Perona is the perfect little horse. At 2 years old, she is so well put together and balanced it amazes us to watch her. She is very focused and wants nothing more than to please you. She follows like a puppy and loves to go on adventures, which she handles like a pro.
Both girls are in work....light lunging with side reins, saddle and well as long walks, in hand, over ditches and through the woods. I am hoping to long rein both Lilly and Perona, around the farm, over the Christmas holidays. I wish you were here to give me a refresher course. Hopefully, there will be little to no 'skiing'. I'll let you know.

Master Lux is the character of our barn. As a yearling, he is almost 15 hands, and so full of personality. His pasture mate is a 17.3hh , 25+ year old Thoroughbred ,who takes his baby sitting job very seriously. They are a funny pair. It has been a wonderful association for both of them. Lux is an amazing mover and very calm, cool and collected. He is a very gentle giant.

Sidney took Luz for a long walk the other day, to the back acreage of our farm. All of a sudden hundreds of birds flushed from the tall grass. He spun a couple times, fell down in the wet grass, got back up and was shaking so hard, but stood his ground (no bolting or pulling) and composed himself to continue uneventfully back to the barns. He was pooped when he got back but couldn't wait to go again the next day...he had survived the monster birds.

I'll get some photos off to you one of these days.

Meanwhile, if you get down to Wilmington, let us know. Have wonderful Holidays !!!!

Shari Corn  12/07/08

Hey Suzin- more good news!  Aurin and I just did Hunter/Jumper A show in Pinehurst.  Aurin was res. champ in the low hunters, and in the Adult Amateur division she got a 2nd, and two 3rds.   We also won the Bryan Jones Memorial taking 1st for jumping and the hack.  Hope all is well! 
Ashley Kerr 12/07/08

Hi - hope all is well with you! I am very excited to report that Reno had his first ride this morning. Although I have been up on his back many times, this was the first real, reins in the hands, no leading, ride! It took him a few tries to get the idea but once he got going he was very cute. He was tracking up nicely and had a couple of really nice, ground covering trot steps. He really marches forward and flicks those front feet out. Jessie, a fearless 16 yo who has been riding since before she walked, was the one riding. She did a great job keeping him going forward - but it took a LOT of work. Believe it or not he tends to be a bit lazy. On the whole I am very pleased! We have been lunging for a couple of months and he has done a good job so I figured a little light riding was the next step. I am very hopeful about my little guy!

Allyson 12/07/08

We took Lexie and she showed her mare Maxie and my mare Classic Sundance.  We are very proud of both of them but I am especially proud of Classy she had never seen a course and she refused the first jump twice but Lexie was encouraging and gave her a little push and she went over it and then proceeded around the rest of the course as if to say oh this is easy I get it.  I think it testified again to how trainable the Sundance foals are.  We would like to come for a lesson next week with both mares if possible. oh and she received a 57.5 on her dressage test she showed in the Maidens she is looking forward to showing you her tests and getting some help from you.

Thanks for everything .

Traher 11/24/2008

Heather King reported that Cassidy was awesome in her last show of the season.  Cassidy is 3 years old and won both her classes in NC at MacNair Country Acres with scores of 67 and 68%.  She was over all Reserve Champion for this seasons HOY MacNair’s show season Finale.  Heather is walking on air and she should.  “I just love my mare” where Heather’s words. 

Heather told me that Cassidy will have the week of Thanksgiving off and Heather, well seasoned in driving, will start training Cassidy for driving.  Maybe we will hear some great news on her success in driving competitions too.  This is a great example of the trainability of the Baltic Bloodlines.  Heather also has a young colt that was Class I at this past inspection that Heather has high hopes for.  You can find pictures and video clips at

Thumbs up Heather and Cassidy 11/23/2008

Trainer Heather King,  Aug. 10, 2008
Owners: Amber and Matt Nibe

I just wanted to let you know how Bree did this weekend at the MacNair’s dressage show – her first one.  She was awesome!  She didn’t act up one bit and pretty much, stayed the same quiet horse that she is at home.  I competed her in Intro A and B.  She received a 62% and 65%, respectively.  She got 8’s on her trot work and free walk.  The judge loved her gaits and loved her in general.  She said she almost gave her a 9 on one of her halts! 
Note: Bree earned 3rd and 4th place

Hi there,

It's fabulous to hear about all the fantastic things the Baltic Collection is up to lately. The "barn bunch" (16 horses) got back last night from the CDS Northern Jr Championships and I believe we can all say it was a successful, fun, yet very small show even for the 20th Anniversary. We received the privilege of having all FEI (I) judges and received some very constructive and positive feedback. Oden and I did very well, placing first for the First Level Championships for those born in 1990-1991 and our Second Level team won as well (just kidding, we were the only team entered! :) ). The judges were the only FEI (I) judges America has and we felt extremely lucky to be in their presence. Their comments and scores gave us lots of perspective and help. Oden and I have been working on improving his trot, it being his weakest gait, and we received a comment that praised our trot work. Phew! it was a relief to hear that after all the hard work we've put in! I'll send some pictures as soon as we are able to download them onto this impossible computer!

Best regards,

Victoria Grape and Oden (Aug. 11, 2008

June 7, 2008
Great news!  Aurin and I just finished Sedgefield A horse show and came in reserve champion in the division.  We are off to the Roanoke Valley horse show in two weeks and then Blowing Rock in July.  Hopefully, there will be more great news to tell.  She is still is the social butterfly of the barn, and we are actually right down the road from you now.  I'll keep you posted.  Ashley

Hi Suzin!
I wanted to send you a picture of Solaro (aka Teddy) from his first show this summer at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.  After only 3 shows Teddy finished the year as the top placing Swedish Warmblood yearling colt for USDF and was 23rd overall for all yearling colts in the US.
He was incredibly well-behaved at each show and all judges remarked on what a well mannered colt he is.  He is lunging lightly and I am looking forward to breaking him in early 2009!
Melinda Bauerlien ~ January 29, 2008

Baltic Collection, L.A. Baltic Sundance, Dressage, Jumping, Suzin Daly, Grand Prix



It's always nice to hear from our Baltic members, even when they buy a Baltic for future sales. ~ Sz

Hello Suzin,
My name is Tyler Verlander from Canton, GA. and I now own Roy-G-Biv "Roy" who I bought from Leslie Bean early in 2007. Over the past year I have taken him undersaddle and he is now jumping like a champ! The personality that I read he had as a baby, he has fortunately carried through over the years. He is SUCH a pleasure to work with, not having a single mean bone in his body, he is so forgiving, and still has that curious "Hi, My name's Roy...what's yours?" attitude. I bought him as an investment, and I will be sad to see him go, and I will forever be spoilled with having the pleasure of dealing with such a willing young boy.
Attached are a few recent photos of him... I do not know if you would like to put them on the site or not, up to you. But just wanted to let you know how this wonderful boy is doing!  He has made me want to keep pursueing Baltic Sun horses in the future.
Thank You for your time, I hope you enjoy the photos,
Tyler Verlander - January 29, 2008



She is such a JOY to be around and ride. She is already showing some signs of graying out. She is about 15.3 hands now and is easy to train. It is going slow right now due to me working a full time job and dealing with my father’s death. She catches on to training easily and retains it. You get on her after not riding her for a few weeks and she is just the same as if I had been riding her daily for the last few months. AWESOME horse!!

I have taken Vivian on some cubing exercises with the local fox hunt club, as I am now a member this year (North Hills Hunt). We are riding with the gate group.

She goes wherever I point her and will even cross water that is close to chest high on her, along with all the rest of the horses in the group. She and I have even ridden in a few parades. She is brave and calm as if she has been riding in parades forever. She has beautiful gaits and works well in the arena on dressage patterns.  We look forward to doing some dressage shows in the 2008 season. Picture of Vivian and I,  just messing around at home.

Julie, 10/10/2007


News from Victoria Grape and Oden, California

Dear Suzin,

I am the owner of Oden who was sired by Sundance and earlier owned by Dennis Callin. I thought it would be fun to get in contact with you just like all the other Sundance offspring owners have.
I must say, Oden has inherited the most bombproof temperament (I have to keep reminding myself that he just turned four two months ago!). He has a superb walk, earning 9's on his free walk, and does extremely well in the show ring. Currently we have a 73% average at Training Level and 70% average at 1st. In October we'll be heading to the Open Futurity at Woodside.
Thank you so much for having such an amazing stallion!

Best Regards,

Victoria Grape

P.S. I just read your testimonials and realized the letter from Georgia Langsam was actually about my horse! I couldn't be more proud and LUCKY to have a horse of this caliber and not to mention his "puppy-dog" personality! I'll see if I can send you some pictures from JR Championships when I get back the thirteenth.

Email from Nancy on Baltic Rhythm, May 2007

Now, on to my STAR! I had my lesson with Walter Zettl yesterday and he LOVED Rhythm -- all he kept saying to the auditors was 'wow, what a horse', and 'what a wonderful mover'. He also asked me if he was for sale, so that just tells you what kind of quality he likes. My trainer said that he didn't make those comments about any other horses, and she was there for every ride!!! I did tell him about Cindy Syndor (?), you, and of course that Sundance was his sire. I rode my butt off, and other than a couple of spooks with the sound system (which Rhythm has never heard in "his" arena before) he was forward, soft, super-responsive off my aids, and just a good guy! Walter will be back to the farm in Sept. and I'm already saving to ride all three days! And to top it off I had it digitally recorded, so I'll try and get it uploaded to you when I can!
Now I feel ready to go out there and show my horse again -- wait till the judges get a look at him now!

Will talk to you soon,
(aka super-proud mom of Rhythm!!!!!)

Email from Georgia Lansam, California breeder, May 2007

Hi Suzin:

Just wanted to tell you that I was riding "after school" the other day, which is not my usual time.  I was in the indoor arena of many aspiring 13+ y.o. dressage riders, many on highly trained school masters.

One young lady was riding a nice solid bay gelding and I was admiring his gaits and self-carriage, especially his 15+ inch overstep in the free walk.  I inquired as to his bloodlines and she said "he's Swedish".  As I inquired further, it turns out he is a 4 y.o. purchased within the last year from Dennis Callin and is by La Baltic Sundance out of an Electron mare.  Last weekend he scored 74+% and 76+% at his 4th dressage show at Training level.

So, from one breeder to another, WAY TO GO!!!!

The horse was lovely and is a true credit to your stallion.  He has a great, mellow, puppy-dog personality.  I am trying to encourage the young lady to take him to the inspection this fall to try for a Diploma and to be branded as the horse has never been inspected.  I'm sure he will score very highly!

I'll keep working on her this summer to make sure she gets him inspected.

Georgia Langsam, California


Feb. 20, 2007, News from Nancy Frenick, first L.A. Batlic Sundance offspring Baltic Rhythm

Dressage, Swedish, L.A. Baltic Sundance Swedish Stallion, Grand Prix

Hi Suzin -
A voice from the past!
I know I haven't kept up with Rhythm's progress over the years with you, so I just wanted to drop a line to update you. Rhythm will be 12 years old this April 2nd, and I just can't believe it. We had taken off from showing for the past 3 years to just train, focusing on his dressage work, and he'll be schooling 3rd level this Spring! So, this year it's time to get back out there and show off my beautiful, talented horse. He is super smart, super sensitive, and is also a super teacher -- if you think about something and move your body he's right there for you. I will only show him at the dressage shows (I've had it with waiting around all day at the hunter shows up here, it's just not fair to the horses), and he will still school over jumps at home and at my trainer's farm -- we free jump him also, which he loves. Winter up here is pretty icy right now, so he's actually having a bit of a break, but that's just fine because I can just lunge him for 15 or 20 minutes if the footing is good and then get on -- even if he's been off all week, and as long as we stretch our muscles and relax into our work he's fine. He looks forward to the challenge of new movements, and shows effortless talent with hind end work such as passage (which we learned by accident!), and I only wish I could train more with him, but I must work to pay the mortgage and farm bills, so we do the best we can.  My intention is to send you updated news about our showing success, and some new photos when I can. So Sundances' first born is doing great all in all -- Sincerely, Nancy Frenick, 2.20/07


Hey Suzin-
Baltic Ansgar Class I, 9 on gaitsUpdate: Ansgar is standing @ 15.3 and isn't quite 2! Yikes, he's a big 'un. We have started lunging him and he is very sane. He is very happy walking in the circle and never going any faster. I've put him over a small jump (18") while on the lunge line and he would much rather walk over it. It's become a game to see how high he'll walk over before putting any effort to get over an obstacle.  He'll even walk over the 2'3" barrels! No surprise he got a 9 on his walk:) I'll start taking him on some trail rides (ponying) here after hunt season is over. YeeHaw!
Maeve is just completing her 2nd year foxhunting and I finally moved her up out of the hilltoppers group, permanently. We successfully have hunted in 1st flight several times (on Wednesdays when the field is small). She is an absolute blast to jump. Just sit and look pretty as she does everything else! I've put her up into 2nd flight when the crowd is big and she is ready to be the fieldmaster (leader). She loves to follow the hounds and gets all excited when they start speaking. She is a dream at the checks and is slowly working away from her barn pals during the hunts-mostly because her confidence is building. This spring I am looking forward to doing a 25-mile Endurance Ride in Maryland (Fair Hill), some CT stuff, and maybe even some Horsemaster Rallies (Pony Club for Adults). Cross your fingers as she isn't a 'ring' horse but a wide open spaces horse!       Cheers! -TJ    January, 2007

Hi Suzin!  I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Roy is in Alpharetta, GA with me now!  He is still out on pasture most of the time, but he is learning to become dressage horse extraordinaire!  I worked with him this past Sunday:  I put him in the wash stall, in crossties for the first time, gave him a soapy bath (yes, he let me wash his face with NO comlaint), and then I put a bridle on him and took him out to the arena and put the lunge line on him and made him go around the outside of the arena at a trot and walk both ways!  HE was AWESOME!!  I just wanted to let you know a little bit about Mr. Roy's life!  I hope all is well!  ~ Leslie D. Bean, Atlanta, GA (11/06)

"Vivian is doing great! I have been on her back a total of 3 times this summer. Only for about 15 minutes a time either standing or walking around. She does not mind at all and already turns and goes where I want her to go. It is so tempting to ride her more, but I am patient and will wait until early Spring of next year. I have had her out quite a few times ground driving in the arena, and she enjoys it! We can do figure 8's and the Ying Yang symbol and etc.
She is the MOST trainable and willing horse I have ever been around.
Thank you for standing such a WONDERFUL stallion that produces such superb get! I am glad I found you!!! :)" ~ Take care, Julie



Baltic Teddy Bear Baltic Capri, 2 weeks

Hi Suzin ~ I'd like to share with you my amazement with the trainabiliy of Koko's colt by Baltic Sundance (named him Baltic Teddy Bear). I already have him trained to bow, and to lie down. He is so calm, so willing, and loves the attention. You can do anything with him. He's unlike any horse I've ever raised. I plan to rebreed Koko in the Spring 2007, and hope for a filly just like Baltic Capri. He's a healthy 3-weeks old now.~ Carol Bennett July, 12, 06




Mauve earned diploma status in the 2005 inspection., bred/owned by TJ Watson.  Mauve also has a full sibling Baltic Ansgar who earned Class I with 9 in gaits at the same inspection.Maeve is awesome. I have done a bunch of Horsemaster (Adult Pony Club) clinics on her and am complimented continuously on her looks, attitude, and athleticism. This past weekend we were doing gymnastics and she made the 3'3" oxer at the end look like childs play. She is blast to ride and always tries her best. The kids get on her and love doing turns on the forehand and haunches. "It's so cool!". It's pretty impressive to watch, as they only have these little legs that barely reach the end of my saddle, yet Maeve gladly turns and stands. They also like how she stops. No reins, all butt. My daughter, Melanie, on her pony Beauty and me on Maeve were the Champion Hunter Pace pair for this season. We won two of the paces, came in second and sixth in the other two. She is almost bombproof on the trail and is moving more and more towards being confident and bold (only a few times a ride does Beauty need to lead us thru something), so we're well on our way.
We are looking forward to another great summer of learning and of course to hunt season in the fall. Last hunt season was very successful. We stayed in Hilltoppers and had a great time. I never came off and she stood quietly at the checks and was very ho hum around the hounds (35 of them crashing thru the woods). ~ TJ 5/29/06


Gretchen with her new foal, less than 24 hours Baltic Leap of Faith, May 21, 2006Baltic Leap of Faith, May 21, 2006 bred by Ellen Ziemer DVM owned by Gretchen and Matt Britt. First foal of three to come in 2006. Email: "Sundance is the overall best sire I know." Ellen






Vivian, owned/bred by Julie Abbot, IA Baltic Bon Vivant, Update news 2005, from Julie Abbot, IA
Things really greened up here this last week and the weather is beautiful today! I have been keeping the horses off the pasture (except for 2 hours out of the day) most of the time over April to let the grass grow before I turn them back out on it for the summer. I just let them out today and they would not lift their heads up.  I took photos of VIVIAN!!! She is such a doll!!! One photo has my Quarter horse gelding in it. I might be booking back to your stallion again in 2006!!! I got rid of my gray mare but am in the process of purchasing another TB mare named Naughty and Daring. (Sire: Dare and Go who goes back to Alydar and Secretariat). She is a real nice mare!!! Should produce a NICE foal!

Baltic Phoenix Baltic Phoenix
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Maggie Zan

Suzin, I'm submitting his name as Baltic Phoenix, we've been calling him Ashe. He is absolutely wonderful! Fabulous personality, temperment and an awesome TROT! I so wish I could still ride because I would definitely keep him for myself. He seems to be staying the grullo color and is really showing a dorsal stripe. What a unique boy! I am trying to get some good photos that I can send you and hope to get you some flyers in the mail soon.  Thanks for everything you have done! ~ Lynda Richart, WA. 2004


Baltic Bon Vivant
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Ursala McMajor

"I want you to know that I am VERY pleased with Vivian's temperament! She is super friendly and is eager to learn. She is very smart and catches on to training right away! She knows how to yield to pressure when touched on certain spots on her body. I have been using the Clinton Anderson method of working with foals and she is doing great!! She was the first one to walk up to me yesterday when I went in the pasture to get her and her mom. Vivian is changing color slightly. I see some silver hairs on her rump and her under coat is dark almost black. She has black ears (the back of her ears) and her face is really dark. She is going to turn gray. :) She will be beautiful". ~ Julie Abbott, NE 2004


Baltic Hartwin
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of
Lusty Gambler

"He is absolutely GORGEOUS! Perfect is the only word to describe him. He's very curious and quite cocky. I definitely lucked out breeding to Sundance for Sandi's first foal...I am extremely happy with Hartwin. Everyone at his barn is just amazed by him. He's stunning, big, and just perfect. I love his markings on his face and his expressions are just adorable. You can almost see him think and take everything in. He is just 3 weeks old in these pictures" ~ Heather Thomas, CT 2004



By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of KoKo

Hi Suzin, "I still don't have a name. He is still being called Tattoo. But I want you to know that he is such a special guy. He is the kind of baby that steals your heart. His Mom is kind of mean to him, so he is usually hangs out with the other mare and foal in his pasture. he is so friendly and curious (even with minimal handling). Today, he was so much fun. He was snoozing, laid out in his stall when I went in to groom his Mom. I expected him to jump up when I went in,but he just lifted his head and looked at me then laid back down. So I just groomed him as he laid there. He loved it and didn't want me to stop. I love it when a horse lets you hang out with them while they lay down. I think it says a lot about their trust in humans. I have to tell you that his great temperament came from Sundance. The mare is nice but not like this! Love that temperament!  I am so smitten with him, I wouldn't mind if I sold all the other horses and he ended up being MY horse:) ~ Leslie Smollen, NC 2004




Baltic Sunfire
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Firefly

Suzin, "Note that they both have the same color hair. He looks very grown up in this picture. We have been saddling him up in our pony saddle and walking him all over the property. He is getting big enough that the temptation to get on is becoming strong!"

"Sunfire is doing great. We have been working him in the round pen and sacking him out. He walks across bridges and streams. We have had the pony saddle on him and occasionally throw a set of chaps over his back and make him walk around with them flapping everywhere. Working on getting him to tie and stand in the cross ties. He jumped out of his paddock on Sunday. He didn't get hurt (small miracle,,,,,,he could have easy landed on the bush hog or seeder or the wheel barrel). Good news is that he was easy to catch.  He is a love. Can't wait to ride him." ~ Donna Christopher, NC 2003




By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Easter Bunny

Hi Suzin, "Don't know if Anne told you about our visit on Saturday with 'the kids'. I was so pleased with Tattle - he was just so well-behaved and seemed to totally enjoy his little adventure. Both he & Ferrari were so cute together looking like a pair of twins just out walking around your pasture checking everything out. And we did the water!!! Tattle even jumped (well it was probably more like a flop,plop - but why get technical) down the little bank drop into the water!!!! What a guy! I am so proud of him. I forgive his idiosyncrasy of not liking water hosed onto long as he'll plunge into water on a cross-country course like that...I'll gladly sponge bathe him :-) Just had to share, I was just so excited. He loaded too, with just a piece of carrot as bait...what a guy" ~ Connie Harter, NC 2003



LA Kitts
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Shownuff

Suzin, "As soon as we think of a name we will send it to you. We think she will be liver chestnut but that could change as time goes on. Right now she is having a time getting her long legs to work right but in time she will get use to them. She is as sweet as they come if you go in to clean her stall she is all over you, she won't leave you alone, not like her mother at all, great disposition and will be a joy to have around." ~ Warren, TX 2002




Baltic Blue
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Ellie's Blue

Suzin, "He is very bold and fearless. He stands cross tied for thorough brushing & hoof picking. I laid Duncan's saddle pad on his back, then sacked him out. He was nothing more than interested. I'm really thrilled with his temperament. His canter is floating and I can't wait to ride him." ~ Caroline Berry, NC 2002





Baltic Ziggy Starburst
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of

Suzin, "He is beautiful. Him and mom are doing great. WE are still deciding on a name.Right now he is just "baby horse". WE are having so much fun with him." ~ Debbie Huddleston, NY 2003



Baltic Sabine few days old.Baltic Sabine
By L.A. Baltic Sundance out of Dramatic Beauty

Gywn emails, "Picture of Lilly and the filly. She was trying to take pictures and the filly is so friendly that she was having problems getting far enough away to get any shots."

Two of Baltic Sabine's fans

Suzin, "I am the owner of Dramatic Beauty, who was leased by Gwyn Davis to have a Sundance foal -the filly is just stunning! Although I pretty much have decided to get out of breeding (I sold my TB sporthorse broodmare this year), I like this filly so much I am reconsidering it and would possibly be interested in breeding Beauty back to Sundance this year.~ Mindy Basi, Ill. 2003

Hi Suzin, "I am on the SWB list with you and we had previously spoke about your stallion and his foals. Well, I had the pleasure of meeting the weanling Baltic Sabine yesterday and after gushing about her to the proud owners I HAD to email you and tell you what a fantastic filly she is! Just gorgeous and as sweet as can be! If you scratch her just right by her withers, she absolutely melts! What a looker! And she is already showing lovely movement along with a beautiful uphill build. If Gwyn and Lilly will ever part with her, I will certainly make an offer. Until trying to figure out how I can affordably become a part of the "Sundance Collection". : ) ~ Nora Endzel, Ill. 2003


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