dressage, instruction, lessons, Suzin Daly






dressage, instruction, lessons, L.A. Baltic Sundance, Suzin Daly

Suzin Daly

..has over 30 years of experience training riders and horses. She started out as a hunter jumper rider and trainer on Long Island, NY. She focused on jumpers for many years before being drawn into the Eventing world. In 1983 Suzin and her husband Owen, moved to San Francisco California.  Eventing was her main focus with her Thoroughbred gelding Otsuka, AKA: Pooka. She competed successfully at Preliminary Three Day Horse Trials. Pooka sustained a suspensor ligament injury. When Pooka was given a sound bill of health Suzin decided to focus on dressage to give him another year to build his strength. Pooka and Suzin where successful and she did not return him to Eventing but trained and competed Pooka in dressage. Together they earned many awards, including the Patterson Park Prix St. George High Point of the Year award in 1989.


In 1990 Suzin and Owen moved to North Carolina. They bought their first farm, and Halifax Riding School was founded. Suzin focused on building the facility and training numerous riders and horses. Owen managed the farms monthly shows which included two recognized USEF dressage shows, five schooling horse trials and schooling combined events. In 1998 the farm was renamed Halifax Farm. This was the turning point where Suzin decided to return to serious training for herself and her new horsethe Swedish Stalion L. A. Baltic Sundance. She continues to train riders and horses. There is usually a waiting list to board at Halifax Farm. For those who can trailer in for lessons there is always room. She continues to hone her skills working with such internationally known riders and trainers such as Bo Jena director of the Swedish State Stud of Sweden Flyinge and Anne Gribbons FEI trainer rider and Olympic judge

Education and Awards

Goddard College, MFA, Filmmaking
School of Communication Arts, NC, Cinematography, lightening and video editing
School of Communication Arts, NC, Graphic Design
Adelphi University, NY - BA in Education
Porlock School of Horsemastership, B.H.I., England

School of Visual Arts, NYC - Fine Art

Earning many awards at Grand Prix 2006 - 2008
NCDCTA Horse of the Year Grand Prix, 2006 fourth place
United State Dressage Federation Vintage Cup Award PSG, First Place 2001
NC Dressage & Combined Training Assoc. Horse of the Year Award, PSG 1st
NCDCTA Horse of the Year Intermediate I 2002 & 2003
Long Island Dressage and Combined Training Silver Medallist, NY
Patterson Park Prix St George High Point of the Year, 1989, CA
Who's Who Teachers of America (Riding Instructor), 1996 USA
United States Dressage Federation Bronze & Silver Medallist

Visit L. A. Baltic Sundance for further award information

 dressage, instructor, lesson, Suzin Daly trainer

  Visit short video clips of training sessions with Suzin Daly and L. A. Baltic Sundance. These training   session are session with the imperfection, problems that go with day to day schooling.   Problems arise at all levels even at the FEI level things are never perfect. Take heart we all have our  issues it always get better.

Medium trot   Half pass   Flying changes


dressage, instruction, lessons, Suzin Daly trainerStrong believer in education Suzin Daly has studied with, Raul de Leon, Gunner Ostergaard, Charles DeKunffy, Tad Coffin, Dennis Callin, Bertalan de Nemethy, Bent Jensen, Linda Zang, Jessica Ransechousen, Bo Jena and Anne Gribbons.

Suzin has written many articles equestrian, short stories, non fiction. You can find theses articles "Tell me a Story".  



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